Themes here
  •  The end of the season:  3 dried teasels in silhouette
  • Found at the water's edge in Greenwich with my seven-year-old son.
  •  Ants feeding
  • integration
  • Curious terrapins breaking the surface
  • Counting the growth rings of a chopped tree.
  • A clan of leaves made the American Gypsy stop for a moment.
  • Sidmouth
  • Ferns in the breeze, Lyon Botanical Gardens

Welcome to Your Move

Your Move - Routes to the River was a public photoblog project open to everyone from 1 July to the 30 September 2014. The public was invited to share photographs that responded to the themes of Routes to the River, our commission for Big Dance 2014, a co-commission by Foundation for Community Dance.  It was not necessary to have seen this work or know any of the sites on our illustrated map to take part and submitted photos.

Routes to the River was a trail of performances from Siobhan Davies Studios to the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden, Southbank Centre overlooking the banks of the River Thames. Performers lead audiences along a winding route through parks and discreet gardens to discover choreographic works amongst the plants and wildlife.

The submitted photographs came together to create a gallery of images representing the themes we explored for Routes to the River.  Each image respond directly to the themes and captured movement in some way either showing a moment in time before it moves on or an image which depicts movement due to the pattern or layout. 

Your Move public photoblog was initiated in 2012 to celebrate Big Dance 2012. The first project saw 145 people photograph movement in our everyday lives creating an online gallery of 901 images viewed by 2394 people. The second project, Your Move 2013, took place in November 2013. It was open for submissions for 40 days to celebrate the UK screening of All This Can Happen, a film by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, at the ICA. Participants of Your Move 2013 were challenged to capture everyday movement and experiment with composition.

Big Dance